124th Annual American Psychological Association Convention

The first week of August, the PTG Lab ventured to Denver, Colorado to present their research at this years APA convention. Whitney Dominck, Leah McDiarmid, Aundreah Walenski and Shelby Seyburn presented their posters Personally ImIMG_8174portant and Family-Valued Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents (Division 1: General Psychology Division), Gender and Age Differences in the Perception of Personal Growth (Division 32: Humanistic Division), and The Influence of Experiencing Multiple Life Stressors Following the 3.11 Earthquake on Posttraumatic Growth (Division 56: Trauma Division).

In addition, lab member Leah McDiarmid and Dr. Taku received honorable mention for the Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award. Their presentation was in Division 1 for General Psychology.

Among attending the annual APA convention the lab members were able to visit and speak with other PTG researchers, network with other professionals,and further their knowledge of Psychology. The conference was a great start to prepare the PTG lab for the upcoming semester of research.

Click the link below to view our posters and abstracts.

Personally Important and Family-Valued Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents 

The Influence of Experiencing Multiple Life Stressors Following the 3.11 Earthquake on Posttraumatic Growth

Gender and Age Differences in the Perception of Personal Growth

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2016 ICP in Yokohama

Dr. Kanako Taku attended 31st International Congress of Psychology in Yokohama, Japan (July 24 – 29) and made two symposium presentations, along with the three co-authored poster presentations.

In the first symposium, they discussed PTG, PTSD, and resilience in Hong Kong, Japan, and the US (ICP Abstract).


Atushi Oshio, Kanako Taku, Robert Yanagisawa, Samuel Ho, and Craig Katz (from left)

In the second symposium, they discussed the possibility of PTG intervention, with Dr. Tominaga as a chair (ICP_Abstract).


Yoshiki Tominaga, Akira Tsuda, Evelin I Witruk, Kanako Taku, Shiori Onuma, and Zarina Akbar (from left)

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2016 Meeting of Minds Conference


The PTG lab was excited to share their research at this years 24th Meeting of Minds Conference last month. This years Meeting of Minds conference was held at University of Michigan-Flint. Lab members Aundreah Walenski, Shelby Seyburn, Lauren Harrison, and Genna Osowski all presented their research at the conference. Meeting of Minds is an Undergraduate Conference, and a great way to share research and network with other students and faculty.

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88th Annual Midwestern Psychological Association


The first week of May, the PTG lab ventured to Chicago, Illinois to present their research at this years 88th Annual Meeting – Midwestern Psychological Association (MPA). Whitney Dominick, Aundreah Walenski, and Shelby Seyburn presented their posters Strength versus Compassion: Cultural Disparities in Personal Growth (Stress, Health, and Psychopathology: Clinical Psychology Posters Division), The influence of Experiencing Multiple Stressful Events on Posttraumatic Growth (Psi Chi Posters VII Division), and Social Support as a Predictor of Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents (Ostracism and Stereotypes: Social Psychology Division).

The MPA conference promotes the advancement of the psychological sciences. The PTG lab members enriched their knowledge of psychology by attending poster sessions, and symposia’s addressing diverse psychological research topics. In addition, they were able to speak with other researchers and network with professionals. This experience was a great start in preparation for upcoming conferences.

Click the link below to view our posters and abstracts

Strength versus Compassion: Cultural Disparities in Personal Growth

The influence of Experiencing Multiple Stressful Events on Posttraumatic Growth

Social Support as a Predictor of Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents

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PTG Lab Member Aundreah Graduates from Oakland University

Graduation PhotoFriday April 29th was Oakland University’s College of Arts and Sciences graduation ceremony. Aundreah Walenski (PTG Lab member) graduated with Department Honors and Cum Laude well obtaining her Bachelor of Arts Degree. Aundreah will be attending University of Michigan this upcoming Fall to obtain her Masters degree in Social Work. Aundreah has achieved a number of accomplishments at Oakland University as well as in the PTG lab. The lab is excited to see what has yet to come for Aundreah. Congratulations on graduating!

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The Evolution of Psychopathology Conference

EconferenceThis April, PTG lab member Whitney attended the The Evolution of Psychopathology Conference at Meadow Brook hall, Oakland University (Link to the program: EvolPsychopathology-Program-2016).

At the conference Whitey presented her research poster Strength Versus Compassion: Cultural Disparities in Personal Growth. In addition, Whitney was able to special with other researchers, network with professionals, and further her knowledge of Psychology.

This was a great start to upcoming conferences in the next couple months.

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PTG By Drs. Tedeschi and Calhoun

Posttraumatic growth (PTG) is defined as positive psychological changes experienced as a result of the struggle with a major life crisis or a traumatic event. Lawrence G. Calhoun and Richard G. Tedeschi are two of the pioneers in the research and theory on PTG. These amazing researchers are sharing their wealth of knowledge and interesting findings in YouTube videos.

To learn more about posttraumatic growth and these world renown researchers check out the additional videos by clicking below:

History of PTG Lawrence Calhoun 

Soaringwords Interview Dr. Richard Tedeschi

The amazing research of Calhoun & Tedeschi 

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Accomplishments from Lab member Whitney

Whitney is the only Ph.D. student in the PTG lab. This is Whitney’s second semester in the lab and keeps exciting us with all of her accomplishments.IMG_6007.JPG.jpg

  • Whitney has been quoted in the Oakland post regarding animals and stress relief.
  • Whitney’s abstract on Compassion versus Strength: cultural disparities in personal growth has been accepted to present at the MPA conference in Chicago this May 2016.
  • Whitney’s poster has been excepted by the Evolution of Psychopathology Conference.
  • Her other study about the developmental perspectives on PTG has been been accepted to present at the APA conference in Colorado this August 2016.
  • She received two internal grants (research grant and travel grant) so far!

The lab is excited to see Whitney’s further accomplishments in the PTG lab!

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Geena’s Journal Club Presentation

Lab member, Geena presented a study Exploring self-perceived growth in a clinical sample of IMG_6363severely traumatized youth. This was Geena’s first Journal Club Presentation in the PTG lab. First and second semester research assistants present an article of their choose to the other lab members. The study aimed to add to research of PTG in children and adolescents who have experienced a severe trauma. The study analyzed how much growth they experienced and what kind of growth they reported by examining PTG before and after psychotherapy. Surprising to the researchers, only 17% of the participants reported PTG before psychotherapy (pre-treatment). However, they did find that the participants reported significantly more PTG post-treatment than pre-treatment. Geena is particularly
interested in the differences between children and adults experiencing PTG and plans to further this research with her time in the lab.

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Multitude Of Events Project Teams Up with the OU Pontiac Initiative!

The PTG lab is excited to announce they have been selected as one of the twenty-five mutually beneficial projects for the Oakland University and Pontiac Initiative. The Oakland University Pontiac Initiative is advancing the vitality of the City of Pontiac while providing experiential learning opportunities for OU students. On Saturday, March 5th lab members Aundreah Walenski and Lauren Harrison attended the OU/Pontiac Initiative Town Hall Meeting. They spoke on behalf of their partnership with Pontiac and the future plans ahead. At the close of the month, the lab will be collecting data and conducting a brief psycho-educational PTG intervention. The lab is honored to be given the experience to part to take part in such a great opportunity and excited to begin a long living relationship.

This research is also supported by Rosen Fellowship.

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