First Journal Club Presentation of the Semester


Journal Club is a way for first semester research assistants to learn about current research in PTG and to practice presenting research findings. Aundreah presented “The Mediating Roles of Cancer-Related Rumination in the Relationship Between Dispositional Hope and Psychological Outcomes Among Childhood Cancer Survivors.” The article found that positive cancer-related rumination mediated the relationship between hope and Posttraumatic Growth while negative cancer-related rumination mediates the relationship between hope and mood symptoms. Aundreah plans to continue researching hope and Posttraumatic Growth independently in the lab.

To read more about the study, click the link below:
The Mediating Roles of Cancer-Related Rumination in the Relationship Between Dispositional Hope and Psychological Outcomes Among Childhood Cancer Survivors

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APA 2014 in Washington D.C.

APA Poster Awards Collage

Left: Dr. Taku, Kellie McGuire, and Sharell Elam with district 1 members. Right: Dr. Calhoun, Dr. Taku, Leah LaLonde, Dr. Tedeschi

The PTG Lab had a very exciting trip to Washington, D.C. Sharell Elam and Kellie McGuire presented the poster Effects of Priming the Shared Traumatic Experiences on Posttraumatic Growth. The lab members received honorable mention for the Raymond Corsini Student Poster Award. Their presentation was in Division 1 for General Psychology.

Dr. Taku also received an Outstanding Poster Award for  her poster Core Beliefs, Rumination, and Posttraumatic Growth resulting from March 11th Earthquake in Japan in Division 56 for Trauma.

Click on links below to see the posters presented at APA.

Not only did the lab members take home awards from their poster presentations but also Dr. Taku and all three lab members had the chance to network with other professionals with similar interests and attend talks about different subjects of interest.  Dr. Taku’s lab and Dr. Tedeschi’s lab also had a chance to meet up for dinner and share experiences researching PTG.

APA Photo Collage2

Top Left: Dr. Tedeschi presenting. Midde: Kellie McGuire and Dr. Taku. Right: Kellie McGuire and Sharell Elam presenting. Bottom: Group shot after dinner with UNCC.


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Meeting of Minds

Meeting of Minds

The 22nd Annual Meeting of Minds Conference held at Oakland University is completed. Sharell, Kellie, Bekah, and Leah had the chance to share their individual research on PTG. New members of the lab Ryan and Aundreah attended the conference to support their lab members and be immersed in a educational conference setting. Conferences are a great way to show others your educational interests and learn from others interests as well. Winter semester is officially completed and lab members are looking forward to more new and exciting projects this fall!

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Congratulations Graduates

Congratulations Graduates

Kellie McGuire and Maggie Britton graduated from Oakland University with their Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Maggie will be attending University at Buffalo to obtain her Masters degree in Social-Personality psychology. Kellie will continue to research in the PTG lab and apply to graduate schools in the fall.

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Upcoming Meeting of Minds Conference Presentations

It is that time of the year again.  A few of the lab members submitted and were accepted into the Twenty-second Annual Meeting of the Minds Conference that is being held at Oakland University on May 9th.  This  conference is held for undergraduate students to present their accomplishments from the semester, and interact with faculty from participating schools.mom_sidebar

  • Kellie McGuire and Sharell Elam will be giving an oral presentation Heart-breaker vs. Heart-broken: Does it Matter for Posttraumatic Growth?  
  • Rebekah Hendrian and Kellie McGuire will present their poster Posttraumatic Growth in Adolescents after Sports-Related Injuries.
  • Leah LaLonde and Sharell Elam will present their poster Pathways to Posttraumatic Growth: Can the Way We Ruminate About an Event Affect Our Experience of Growth?

The lab members will wrap up the end of a busy semester with their presentations. Read the abstracts for each presentation in the Meeting of the Minds Program.


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Ryan Reblin also joins the PTG lab!

Ryan is currently a junior at Oakland University working towards his Bachelor’s in Psychology.  His research interest includes assessing the relationship between PTG and marriage/family life.  After Oakland, Ryan plans to attend to graduate school to obtain his PhD in Psychology.  Ryan can be reached at:

Ryan (2)

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The PTG lab welcomes Aundreah Walenski!

Aundreah is currently a sophomore at Oakland University majoring in Psychology and minoring in Spanish. Her research interest includes assessing the relationship between PTG and divorce.  In the future, Aundreah would like to continue her education and pursue a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Aundreah can be contacted at:


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Hour Magazine Shares PTG Story of Luke Fleer

Dr. Taku and the PTG lab were featured in the Hour Magazine.  The article Trauma and Triumph talks about Luke Fleer’s experience with PTG after a car accident in 2004 that lead to five surgeries, months in recovery and two years in physical therapy. The article discusses Fleer’s reaction to his traumatic experience and his path to not only healing, but growth.  Fleer now works at OU and is raising a family, read more about his story here.



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The Story of Ross

Story of RossRoss grew up in Macomb County and shares his traumatic experience. Check out the videos sharing his story.  At the end of the videos he shares how his views on life have positively changed as a result of his near death experience.  This is a story of an adolescent that may have experienced posttraumatic growth.  There are stories out there that show traumatic experiences can have a deep, meaningful impact on a persons outlook of life.

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High School Intervention 2014

Last year, the PTG lab conducted the High School Intervention project, which assessed posttraumatic growth in high school students from both the U.S. and Japan.

LabThe members went to local high schools to conduct pre and post surveys, along with presentations discussing PTG, PTSD and cross-cultural differences.  This year, the lab is hard at work re-vamping this study by adjusting the survey content and preparing new intervention programs.  Once the study is approved by the IRB, lab members will begin administering the surveys this coming summer and continue into Fall of next year.

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